Firebase Reactor

Firebase Reactor is a multiplayer map in Mass Effect 3. It is located on Cyone.[1] In single player, the Galaxy at War mission N7: Fuel Reactors takes place on this map.

Description Edit

The planet Cyone was assaulted more than a dozen times during the Krogan Rebellions by foes eager to gain access to its vast resources and specialized factories; however, it was never occupied by more than token forces before asari and turian allies drove the krogan out. Among the elite forces currently defending the planet are matriarchs that survived those attacks, and they have vowed that Cyone will never fall.

Hazard Version Edit

ME3 Firebase Reactor Hazard

Mass Effect 3: Retaliation adds a version of Firebase Reactor that is set during a meltdown. The Reactor Core area will periodically become filled with radiation and needs to be vented. During venting, the doors to the core will close, downing any players inside and killing most types of enemies. Players can manually trigger the venting when radiation build-up is high enough by interacting with switches near the doors.

Locations Edit

Loading BayEdit

The entrance to the plant at the upper level. Players begin and extract at this location. Connects directly to the Overlook, Sector H1 by ladder, and A1 by ramp.


Upper level area that connects the Loading Bay with B1 and to A1 via ladder.

Sector A1Edit

Lower level area with access to the reactor. Leads up to the Loading Bay, H1 and the Overlook (via ladder), and B1 through a ramp.

Sector H1Edit

Small multi-level area that connects directly to A1 and to H1 through a ladder.

Reactor CoreEdit

The central power source for the facility. Contains a T-shaped path that connects Sectors A1, C1, and E1.

Sector B1Edit

Multi-level corner area. Connects the Overlook and C1 directly, and A1 via ramp.

Sector C1Edit

Multi-level area overlooking the right entrance to the reactor. Connects to the Reactor Core, B1, and D1.

Sector D1Edit

Multi-level corner area. Connects Sectors C1 and E1.

Sector E1Edit

Area containing a computer readout of the reactor. Connects to D1 and the Reactor Core.

Player Notes Edit


  • The map is semi-circular, sporting 4 main sections. The outside of the semi circle is cut into 3 and there is a single "main" room that connects to all 3 and provides a shortcut to running around the edge of the map to get to a single area.
    • Almost any class can make advantage of this map, and almost any weapon has its advantages as well. Snipers and Vanguards can take advantage of the center room as a choke-point for easy sniping and close-quarters combat. Adepts and Assault rifle users can use the fairly large sections of the map for crowd-control.
  • The extraction on this map is arguably the hardest to perform on any map, as enemies approach from a 180 degree arc. Although cover is plentiful, players will often find themselves either under fire from all directions or standing upright in a close range firefight. Brutes, Banshees, Pyros and Phantoms are particularly troublesome here.


  • With the exception of some high-level enemies, most opponents will die if trapped inside of the Reactor Core during emergency venting. This hazard can be used as a great crowd control weapon against groups of enemies.
  • Once the Reactor Core doors close there will be four waves of heat that will damage everything inside. Activating an Ops Survival Pack just beforehand can possibly allow you to survive.
  • Geth Juggernauts have enough health and shields to survive the reactor blast. A Juggernaut built for maximum shields can lure enemies into the reactor while another teammate triggers the vent.
  • N7 Slayers and Furies can teleport through the reactor doors by dodging. Cabal Vanguards can also escape using Poison Strike.
  • Banshees will also be able to teleport through these doors.
  • Praetorians can sometimes fly through the doors of the reactor.
  • N7 Paladins with their Omni shields deployed are capable of surviving the reactor blast with zero damage.

References Edit


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