ME3 Firebase London

Firebase London is a multiplayer map included in Mass Effect 3: Earth. It is set in London.[1]

Locations Edit

Ruined BuildingsEdit

Dilapidated buildings. Near the Parking Structure and Pedway.


A cross-street at the center of the map, containing several parked M-080s. Connects with all other locations.


A damaged connecting bridge that overlooks the Intersection. Parallel stairwells lead to the Ruined Buildings and Shopping Arcade.

Parking StructureEdit

The exterior of a parking garage. Players deploy here near the Ruined Buildings.

Shopping ArcadeEdit

The far side of the long street. A stairwell near the intersection leads to the Pedway. Extraction takes place at the end of the street opposite of the deployment zone.

Player Notes Edit

  • Firebase London offers some of the best sniping opportunities of any map. Several long narrow map sections and overlooks with clear fields of fire make long range weapons very handy. However, long range enemies (like Nemeses and Geth Rocket Troopers) also benefit from these features and become much more troublesome.
  • The extraction point is perhaps one of the easier ones to hold by bunkering down. It is at the end of a section with limited access and good cover.
  • Though the Pedway makes for a great position to attack far-off enemies, be careful not to let yourself get flanked by troops closing from the stairwells, as well as Jetpack-equipped enemies jumping up to the middle of the overlook.

References Edit


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