Firebase Jade

Firebase Jade is a multiplayer map included in the Mass Effect 3: Rebellion Pack. It is located on Sur'Kesh.

Description Edit

Set on Sur'Kesh and surrounded by huge waterfalls, Firebase Jade overlooks an ancient reservoir built by the salarians centuries ago. Set up strategic chokepoints inside the base's main buildings to get the jump on your enemy, and work with your team to meticulously clear each room to achieve victory.[1]

Locations Edit

Upper BalconyEdit

Upper level area leading directly to the Upper Lab and down to the Bridge.

Upper LabEdit

Upper-level interior area. Connects directly to the Upper Balcony and down to the Pillar Room.

Pillar RoomEdit

Mid-level junction that connects the Courtyard (near the Burning Lab) and the Upper Lab.


Low-level area that connects to the Waterfall Overlook. Stairs lead up the Pillar Room, Burning Lab, and Lower Balcony.

Burning LabEdit

Mid-level damaged interior area. Connects to the Lower Lab and leads down to the courtyard (across from the Pillar Room).

Lower LabEdit

Mid-level interior area. Connects directly to the Lower Balcony.

Lower BalconyEdit

Mid-level area leading directly to the Burning Lab and Lower Lab. Stairs connect it to the Bridge, Courtyard, and Waterfall Overlook.

Waterfall OverlookEdit

Low-level area facing the reservoir directly underneath the Bridge. Leads to the Courtyard and Lower Balcony (by stairs).


Small connecting bridge between the Upper Balcony and the Lower Lab. Players begin and extract at this location.

Player Notes Edit

  • Firebase Jade is a very open map with many parallel paths and corridors that provide little cover. Staying near the spawn at the Bridge is advisable both for its proximity to two ammo crates and its view of the rest of the map, making it a high-ground location. On higher difficulties, however, this strategy may be problematic as enemies tend to swarm the spawn point from two directions, potentially surrounding players. If pursuing Gold and Platinum matches, playing on this map is not recommended.
  • The Waterfall Overlook and the balcony behind it are rarely used by approaching enemies, although enemies can spawn on the balcony. If other paths are blocked, retreating to this area can provide a brief reprieve and possible escape route to a better vantage point elsewhere on the map.
  • Because enemies usually spawn in either the burning lab and/or the pillar room, this map allows for effective use of grenades and mines.

References Edit


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