Firebase Goddess

Firebase Goddess is a multiplayer map included in the Mass Effect 3: Rebellion Pack. It is set on Thessia.

Description Edit

Nestled in the epicenter of a Thessian metropolis, Firebase Goddess is one of the last strongholds of asari resistance against the Reapers. With its circular layout, Firebase Goddess is a tough location to control. This arena combines heavy cover and elevated firing positions, so stay light on your feet.[1]

Locations Edit

Elevator AccessEdit

Room containing an elevator shaft. Doorways lead to the Exterior, Great Hall, and Entry Hallway.


Overlook of the city. Leads to the Elevator Access, Entry Hallway, and up to the Balcony (ramp and ladder access). Players begin and extract near the statue.

Great HallEdit

Central plaza. Leads to the Entry Hallway, Elevator Access, and Main Corridor.

Main CorridorEdit

Multi-level area that partially overlooks the Great Hall. Leads to the Lab, Great Hall (through a lower staircase and a one-way drop) and Entry Hallway (ladder).


Medical room. Leads to the Balcony and Main Corridor (lower section).


Damaged area overlooking the Exterior. Leads to the Lab, Main Corridor, and Exterior (via ramp, ladder, and one-way drop).

Entry HallwayEdit

Hallway that connects the Exterior to the Great Hall. Also leads to the Elevator Access and to the Main Corridor (by ladder).

Player Notes Edit

  • This map is littered with cover, though due to the small size of the map, squads can easily find themselves overrun. A "shoot and scoot" policy is effective and probably the wisest choice on this map.
  • The narrow and tight corridors are apt for AoE attacks and shotgun/submachine gun play. Sniping, on the other hand, can be challenging on this map, and it is recommended to carry lighter and faster-firing sniper rifles like the Viper or Indra.
  • Extraction on this map can be very difficult: the extraction area is small with little room to maneuver, which makes the players vulnerable to area effect weapons. Enemies can approach the extraction point from several angles, one of which, the balcony, allows them to shoot over cover from close range.

References Edit


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