Firebase Giant

Firebase Giant is a multiplayer map in Mass Effect 3. It is located on Tuchanka.[1] In single-player, the Galaxy at War mission N7: Cerberus Attack takes place on this map.

Description Edit

Reaper presence on Tuchanka is surprisingly light considering the krogan's fearsome reputation and the undeniable support they bring to the fight against the Reapers. While Reaper advance units have had some success converting captured krogan into their "brute" shock troops, they have thus far avoided antagonizing the bulk of the clans with an all-out invasion attempt.

Hazard Version Edit

ME3 Firebase Giant Hazard

Mass Effect 3: Retaliation adds a version of Firebase Giant set at night. The krogan cannons fire more frequently and create bright flashes when doing so. Enemies become harder to see in the dark and the flashes of the cannons against the darkness can disorient you.

Locations Edit

Bunker Edit

A wrecked bunker in the corner of the map. Players begin and extract where the bunker's corner meets with the Exterior. An ammo crate that grants 1 grenade (doubled for Bronze and/or Hazard) per cycle is located in the corner to the right relative to the starting direction.

Exterior Edit

The vast majority of the map. Connects with all locations.

Cargo Transfer Edit

The rear area of the bunker. Connects to the Bunker, Exterior and Terminal through a rear ladder.

Terminal Edit

The lower rear area of the map. Connects to the Cargo Transfer (via ladder near the Tomkah pit), the Connection (one ladder and one ramp) and Exterior (two central ramps). An ammo crate that grants 1 grenade (doubled for Bronze and/or Hazard) per cycle is located against the back wall across from the ladder leading up to the Bunker.

Control Room Edit

The krogan surface-to-space cannon's control room. It has two ramps and a ladder that lead down to the Connection, and one ramp and ladder that lead to the Exterior. An ammo crate that grants 1 grenade (doubled for Bronze and/or Hazard) per cycle is located outside in the corner by the ladder and ramp that lead the the Exterior.

Connection Edit

A small interior area that leads to the Control Room, Terminal and Exterior (through a far hallway). An ammo crate that grants 1 grenade (doubled for Bronze and/or Hazard) per cycle is located by the back wall parallel to the ramp leading down to the Terminal.

Player Notes Edit

  • A popular and effective strategy is to post a sniper atop the ramp outside the Control Room with another squadmate using mid- to long-range weapons, while the other two squad members protect the sniper's flank by waiting inside the Control Room. This not only covers both enemy approaches but also prevents enemies from spawning next to the ammo box in the Control Room area, provided there is always one squad member nearby.
  • Jetpack-equipped enemies such as Phantoms are capable of spawning on or jumping up to the top of the support beam at the center of the Exterior. Players can take out those enemies from the top of the ramp leading to the Control Room.
  • This map can be particularly challenging for grenade-based classes as ammo boxes are widely spread (in the four corners of the map), and provide only 1 grenade per box. The Hazard version remedies this by providing double the grenades.
  • Extraction is relatively easy on this map, since enemies can only approach from one direction. Just be sure to have someone watching the interior of the Bunker for possible flanking moves. Enemies approaching from the Exterior will be forced into a tight bottleneck when approaching the LZ, making it a veritable shooting gallery. This area can be easily held throughout the match if your team favors a bunker-down strategy.

References Edit


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