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The fiend is a large, quadrupedal creature native to the Andromeda Galaxy. Fiends can be found on Kadara and are an adversary to the Andromeda Initiative squad. It is protected by armor. Its abilities include a backhand swipe, grab and gnaw, and dash. Fiend blood is blue.

Tactics Edit

A fiend would be less threatening if you can take a high ground that it can't climb up to, then its attack would be limited to lobbing acid spit but that can be easily dodged, alas that also mean its vulnerable exposed flesh - which primary locate at the back of its torso region - out of direct line of fire. Since rarely a Fiend would attack alone - if not alongside other wildlife beasts then it's with a Kett attack force - you migh adopt this as a mean to keep the Fiend out of fight until you've dealt with other enemies in the field.

If fighting on the same level with a Fiend is unavoidable, remember that it is far more agile then its bulk suggests, so constant moving will be a must to avoid it getting close. Use the jump jet to exploit flanking opportunity to shoot it at its exposed flesh. Since it's organic, fire-based tech power like incinerate will be very useful.

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