Ari Vesjek, an angaran scholar, is looking for information on first contact between the angara and the kett, specifically from the kett's point of view. He believes logs may be found in the kett operations center on Voeld.

Acquisition Edit

Speak to Ari Vesjek in a small building in Techiix after completing Meet the Family.

Walkthrough Edit

Search Kett Database Edit

Note: This mission requires progress in the mission Remove the Heart, and can be done during that mission.

After entering the buildings of the Kett Base at the Kett Tactical Operations Center, head to a console upstairs in the central building at the beginning of the kett base and use it.

Disable Security Matrix Edit

Ryder needs to deactivate the matrix to gain access to the log files. The navpoint is in a nearby building to the north. Upon entering the building, SAM informs Ryder that the defense matrix can be shut down by identifying and destroying critical subsystems. Use the scanner to find them.

When Ryder has found and scanned the first subsystem, SAM says two more need to be found. Interact with them to sabotage them.

Extract Data From Console Edit

Backtrack to the building Ryder passed when entering the base (marked on map). The door on the bottom floor now is unlocked.

Upon entering the room Ryder receives +1330 XP. (Note: Ryder can only receive this XP one time. If Ryder entered the room during Remove the Heart, this XP isn't awarded again.)

Inside the room is a computer. Hack the computer to access the log file.

Record: "Angara" First Encounter
SAM has located logs associated with the start of the kett invasion.

Translated from Tonaizhet:

Entry 5EOmT1Cn:

Specialists identified an isolated station on a mineral-rich lunar world as initial target.

Routine attack: Element of surprise, no major threats. Majority were easily eliminated, providing genetic material for study.

Live specimens were also acquired as a result of unexpected surrender.

Entry 8yO938cq7:

Captured angara prove useful. Cooperation secured in exchange for keeping them alive.

Obtained live blood samples with no resistance.

Volunteered demonstration of bio-energetic field. Applications identified them as prime candidates.

Mention of the center of their civilization: "Aya." Location: Hidden in the Scourge. No maps exist, route learned through experience.

Interrogation ongoing--once complete, recommend transfer to home empire as vassals.

Return To Ari Vesjek Edit

Ari doesn't want to enter the data in the angaran historical records, because they need hope, not crushing truth. Ryder can support him or tell him that truth is more important.

Rewards Edit

  • +530 XP