Suvi's scans show the Tempest is carrying more mass than it should. Scan around the ship to find what--or who--is aboard.

Acquisition Edit

Once all six squadmembers have been gathered on the Tempest, talk to Suvi to obtain this mission.

Walkthrough Edit

Scan Rooms On The Tempest For Anomalies Edit

Walk around the Tempest with the scanner to find various potential causes. Possible scans include:

  • In the airlock near the loadout station
  • In the tech lab
  • On the ceiling of the vidcon/meeting room
  • In a shower in the bathroom
  • Behind the armory in the crew quarters
  • In one of the walls in the engineering room

The culprit of the extra weight is found in the storage room. Once scanned, it appears to be something welded into the hull of the ship. SAM comments that scanning it has activated an audio log, and Kallo Jath asks to talk to Ryder.

Speak To Kallo Edit

Kallo recognizes the welded parts are from the ship's lead designer, Lucille Diawara, who broke her back working on the Tempest. She turned a construction mech into a rig she could use to keep working. After listening to the audio log from Lucille, Ryder can choose to either keep the rig on the Tempest, or send it to the Nexus as part of Initiative history. Whatever decision Ryder makes completes the mission.

Rewards Edit

  • +530 XP
  • +29 AVP AVP icon