Location: Andromeda / Heleus Cluster / Eriksson

Eriksson is a medium system with four planets.

The system is named after Viking explorer Lief Eriksson, one of the first Europeans to cross the Atlantic to America.

Drifting Initiative ShuttleEdit


  • Initiative personnel transport and equipment shuttle
  • Kodiak shell, outpost refit
  • Status: 04% power reserve
  • ALERT: Life signs in stasis are present.

Shuttle is intact. Signs of kett weapons fire are present, though it appears the pilot maneuvered effectively to avoid major damage.

Multiple emergency stasis signatures are present. Notifying the Nexus for emergency recovery.

Eezo-Distorted Kett WreckageEdit


  • Kett small craft debris
  • Mass-distortion shear
  • Cause: Fuel cell impact and explosion

Scatter field suggests a high-velocity impact with a Kodiak-spec element zero fuel cell. If the impact was intentional, jettisoning the fuel cell with the proper timing would have been extremely difficult.

NOTE: Kodiak shuttles cannot maintain systems after fuel cell loss.

Habitat 7Edit

Habitat 7 is the second planet orbiting the star Eriksson.

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Helluland is the third planet orbiting the star Eriksson.

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Markland is the fourth planet orbiting the star Eriksson.

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Scourge FormationEdit


  • Spatial anomaly related to the Scourge
  • Dark energy discernible from gravitational and radiation effects
  • Composition: Ice, mineral debris, element zero, unknown materials

A dense pocket of Scourge matter. A probe deposited within the center of the formation may be used to collect data.

Starship WreckageEdit


  • Ship ident: Nexus 33-12
  • Ship name: "Eudoxus"
  • Crew complement: 7
  • Status: Reported missing, presumed lost

The Eudoxus sustained pervasive damage due to Scourge flares that wiped out all internal systems. Dr. Aridana's crew was killed instantly. Vessel adrift, unsalvageable due to radiation.

Starship WreckageEdit


  • Ship ident: Voneraan-235
  • Ship name: Anj Alesh
  • Crew complement: 6
  • Status: N/A

This angaran survey vessel suffered catastrophic damage during a high-speed collision with the Scourge. Most wreckage remains trapped inside the anomaly.


Vinland is the first planet orbiting the star Eriksson.

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