It's been some time since the battle against the Archon, and Meridian is beginning to function as a hub for humanity. Everyone is building on the foundation you gave them.

Acquisition Edit

This mission is automatically started after completing Meridian: The Way Home. A cutscene with dialogue will play of Ryder getting up from your father's computer, and talking with your sibling, who's been resting for a while.

Walkthrough Edit

Talk with your squad and crew Edit

As soon as you step out of Ryder's room on the grounded Nexus, you will need to talk with Tann, Kesh, Addison, and Kandros. You'll start by interrupting Addison telling off Tann, and then Tann will tell you that you're late. However you respond to this, you will be told that you will nominate someone as an ambassador to the Nexus. At this point, you can argue that it shouldn't be up to you, but just like other politics in the game, they force it on you anyway. Saying that they cannot do it on a people's vote, that they cannot impose a vote on the angara, Kadara or Elaaden. Tann will then suggest Hayjer, and you will then have to choose between four options:

  • Moshae, the influential angaran leader - Gives the angara a voice, but Kandros will say they have enough of a voice, and Tann will say that it needs to be more Initiative-focused.
  • August Bradley, the human mayor of Prodromos outpost on Eos - A good leader and representation of the outposts, but Kesh will say that his leadership experience is on a very small scale and Kandros will approve of how well he protects the outpost, despite opposition.
  • Nakmor Morda, the krogan leader of New Tuchanka - Gives the krogan a voice, but Kesh laughs at this while Tann despises the choice and Addison will say it's rather unorthodox.
  • Raeka/Hayjer, the salarian pathfinder(s) that represents the future - Good representation of the Initiative's goals, but Addison will comment on how it's not the most inspirational choice, and Kesh just comments about how bad the choice is.

Whatever your choice, the politicians will make their comments, then move on. Now you're ready to proceed to the actual meat of the quest.

Now, you can talk to all 10 of the specified squad and crew members, in any order. There are also kiosks, a few extra people, and other information to glean from the area as well, but you can return later. The 10 specific people you will have to talk to are marked by green markers on the map and are: Gil, Lexi, Suvi, Peebee, Kallo, Drack, Vetra, Liam, Jaal and Cora.

Return to the Tempest to continue exploring Edit

Once you have talked to all 10, you will be able to keep exploring this small section of Meridian, or you can proceed to the eastern side of the main room, where you will find the option to open the door leading to the Tempest, and board and depart.

Next to the exit to the Tempest you can speak to Spec Rynn Gee, who'll let you listen to a call from the quarian ark, and for some unexplained reason the message is to stay away from where they are.

When you attempt to do this, your Ryder will notice your crew conversing together, and the other Pathfinders will catch you just before you head out the door. With whatever you respond with, the Pathfinders will encourage you, while your crew gathers around to stare at you proudly. Once you choose the final dialogue option, you will be seen with your crew on the bridge of the Tempest, with the ship leaving Meridian, and you completing the mission.

Rewards Edit

Upon returning to the Tempest, Ryder gains a Biotic Amplifier and the blueprints for the Heleus Icon chestpiece and helmet at the appropriate tier for Ryder's current level, as well as 1330 XP.

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