Location: AndromedaHeleus ClusterPytheas System Second planet

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A desert world with significant resources, Eos is often wracked by deadly, radiation-contaminated storms. Catalogued as nonviable after numerous attempts to settle.

ALERT: Signal detected, similar to the devices on Habitat 07.

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A desert world with significant resources, Eos is home to the first successful Andromeda Initiative outpost, Prodromos. (Founded by Pathfinder Ryder, Mayor August Bradley assigned.)

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Eos, designated Habitat 1, was the earliest "golden world" identified for outpost placement. Named for the Greek goddess of dawn by Jien Garson personally, Eos embodied the hope of the Andromeda Initiative for a new start.

On arrival, the Nexus discovered that a world projected to be arid but comfortably habitable was now ravaged by radioactive fallout from the Scourge. The planet's atmosphere is wracked by storms that have spread the radiation across continents; periodic 130km/hr winds strip equipment and damage shuttles.

Reports from the Nexus include a sanitized account of two attempts to colonize the planet, both of which ended in failure and an unacceptable loss of life. There is also a significant kett presence on Eos, apparently investigating mysterious signals on the surface. Eos is now off-limits to unauthorized Nexus personnel, as the Nexus leadership believe it is no longer viable.

Activating the vault discovered below Eos' surface has had a dramatic and immediate effect. Radioactive particles are being stripped from the atmosphere by unknown means, and the resulting temperature changes are calming Eos' high winds. The planet's moisture levels are already showing improvement.

Prodromos, the first Pathfinder-established outpost, has been founded in Fairwinds Basin, with Mayor August Bradley in charge. The Nexus is broadcasting footage of departing colonists and the new conditions on Eos across all communication channels.

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Overview of Eos' points of interest.

Location Name Description Associated Missions
1 Site 1: Promise The Nexus' first attempt at a colony. Failed due to inadequate preparation for radiation storms and kett attacks. A Better Beginning
2 Site 2: Resilience The Nexus' second attempt at a colony. Massacred by kett.
3 Prodromos/ Fairwind Basin An outpost that can be founded by Pathfinder Ryder in Fairwind Basin.
4 The Golden Wastes
5 The Four Giants
6 Outland Spire
7 The Sheartop A plateau overlooking Prodromos and the Presson Dunes, and the site of a major kett power generation facility.
8 Sawtooth Plateau Filled with Remnant ruins and guarded by an Architect.
9 Presson Dunes A desert plain where the kett have erected many towering energy generators.
10 Black Rock Tande
Advent A small, independent nation of peaceful Nexus exiles founded a few hundred kilometers away from Prodromos. Its capital is Aurora. Making An Impression
Big Lake A large lake to the south of Fairwind Basin.

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The barren surface of Eos

Eos is heavily contaminated by lethal levels of radiation prior to activation of the planet's vault. All areas outside of specially shielded zones like Site 1 pose an environmental hazard to personnel and vehicles.

  • Hazard Level 1 - Radiation 0.041 mSv/hr
  • Hazard Level 3 - Radiation: 55.765 mSv/hr