Energy Drain is a Tech skill in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Restores shields by sapping electromagnetic energy around the target. Causes bonus damage to shields and synthetic enemies, and detonates combo primers on all primed enemies.

Ranks Edit

Cost Rank



1 Energy Drain Allows use of Energy Drain Shields Restored: 35%

Primary Damage: 160

Energy Drain Shield Damage Bonus: 100%

Synthetic Damage Bonus: 15%

Recharge Time(s): 15

2 Recharge Speed Increases recharge speed +10% Recharge Speed
3 Effectiveness Improves Damage and Restoration +15% Damage

+15 Shields Restored

4 Recharge Speed Increases recharge speed
20% Recharge Speed
4 Effectiveness Improves Damage and Restoration
20% Damage +20% Shields Restored
5 Auxiliary Drain Affects up to three additional

near by enemies, and grants

added delayed shield

restoration per additional

enemy hit.

Impact Radius (m): 8

Shields Restored per Additional Target: 33%

5 Extended Drain Restores additional shields

over time, and the target is

primed for combo detonations

for the same duration.

Shields Restored per Second: 5%

Shield Restore Duration (s): 6

6 Team Drain Initial draining effect also restores

the shields of allies near the user.

Ally Shields Restored: 50%

Ally Effect Radius (m): 8

+30% Shields Restored

6 Damage Increases both Standard

damage and damage bonus

against shields and synthetic


+20% Damage

+40% Damage vs. Shields

+15% Damage vs. Synthetics

Player Notes Edit

Mechanics Edit

  • Unlike in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, Energy Drain will restore shields and barriers even if used on a non-synthetic and non-shielded enemy.
  • So long as an enemy is targeted, they will be hit with Energy Drain even if they are behind cover.

Strategies Edit

  • With Team Support's tier 6 Life Support passive, Energy Drain will be able to restore both health and shields when used, making it very useful on higher difficulties.

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