Emilio Vega is James Vega's uncle. He is a father figure to James and encourages him to join the Systems Alliance Marines. He lives in Escondido, California.

Emilio helps James join the Alliance military in 2176. Before the death of James's mother, she had made Emilio promise to look out for James. Emilio does everything he can to keep James on the right path. After James has an argument with his father, Joshua Sanders, he is distraught because his father plans to tell the military about James buying drugs for him in San Diego that night. Emilio comforts James and explains that Josh would never tell the authorities that he had made a drug deal and used a minor to make the purchase. Emilio tells James that only he can choose how to live his life. James goes on to successfully join the Alliance.

During the Reaper invasion of 2186, James arrives at the Citadel and seeks out news of his father and uncle, who are still on Earth. Citadel authorities are unable to contact them.

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