An urgent S.O.S. signal from someone in serious trouble was received.


You receivve the S.O.S. while driving along the path leading to the northwestern part of the map.


Follow the S.O.S. signal to its sourceEdit

It's further along the path. Inside a house two men are sitting im a sofa. There doesn't seem to be any emergency.

Speak to the person who sent the S.O.S. signalEdit

The emergency is that one of their plants is dying. The plant has some "medicinal properties", they say. Don't they look high? Scanning them reveals that to be a fact. They are selling it to people who needs medicine. Their problem is that UV lamp is broke, and they would like Ryder to find them one.

The mission completes, and the follow-up Task: Herbal Entrepreneurs starts.


540 xp.

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