An urgent S.O.S. signal from someone in serious trouble was received.

Acquisition Edit

Ryder receives the S.O.S. while driving along the path leading to the northwestern part of the map in the Kurinth's Valley region (very close to the location for Old Skinner).

Walkthrough Edit

Follow The S.O.S. Signal To Its Source Edit

SAM indicates that the signal source is located to the northwest over the very high mountainous area in a valley and adds a navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Icon. There is a building with two human Outlaw men that are sitting on a sofa. There doesn't seem to be any emergency. Located in the room is an Adapted Initiative Core Tech that can be scanned for +100 Rd icon milkyway orange.

There is also one datapad on the table and another two on a countertop.

Dear's happening... the plant's kicking in... get ready to have your mind blown...

What if my arm got hungry? What if it wanted a snack and ate my foot? Would they switch places? There's also the problem of purple. What's its deal? It can't decide if it's blue? Just make up its mind already!

And another thing. Space/time isn't at all what we think. We're each individual pieces of energy, drawn from a much larger pool, given physical form in an artificial time-stream. Time doesn't actually exist in the classic Newtonian sense. Everything happens at once, but our minds couldn't handle that, so we process it one moment after the next. But I see it all now. It's all happening. The alpha and the omega united.

And shit, I think my toe just ate my hand.

Safe Refuge?
To anyone who likes drinking water:

Word is there's some people out here who found a clean underground well. It's up in the hills, hard to find, but Merdak says the mean guy said the other guy with the scars saw one of these people trading for supplies.

- The guy living in the cave: 4 leaves
- That nasty asari chick with the scar: 3 leaves
- "Bubba Quad" krogan: 8 leaves
- Sloane's bodyguard: 2 leaves
- Get some munchies...
- Turian with the nasty burns near the fire lake
- Crazy mental salarian who talks too fast: 4 leaves? 6 leaves? Don't know. Can't understand him.

Speak To The Person Who Sent The S.O.S. Signal Edit

The "emergency" is that one of the plants is dying. The plant has some "medicinal properties", they say. Scanning the men reveals that they are "cognitively impaired". They are selling the plant to people who need medicine. Their problem is that the UV light is broken, and they would like Ryder to find them one.

Scanning the Ultraviolet light and the Unknown plant award +10 Rd icon milkyway orange each (+20 Rd icon milkyway orange total).

Ryder can then travel to the Haarfel region using the Forward Station. Head southeast of the Forward Station to the building where Task: Broken Family takes place and speak to the salarian refugee to get the UV light needed.

Return to the two men to complete this mission.

Ryder can now return back to the salarian refugee for a second time in the Haarfel region to acquire the mission Task: Herbal Entrepreneurs.

Note: If Ryder acquires the UV light BEFORE acquiring this mission (saving a trip back and forth), the mission Task: Herbal Entrepreneurs will automatically start when this mission is complete.

Rewards Edit