Elite Mercenary is a passive class power in Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode. It is available for the Talon Mercenary Engineer character in the Mass Effect 3: Reckoning DLC.

Power Ranks Edit

Rank 1: Elite Mercenary Edit

Years of experience working for hire have honed your combat abilities.

Increase power and weapon damage. Your battery pack also slowly regenerates a charge that can be consumed to lay Cain Trip Mines or to equip Concussive or Armor-Piercing Arrows.

  • Weapon Damage Bonus: 5%
  • Power Damage Bonus: 5%
  • Charge Regeneration Speed: 60 sec

Rank 2: Power Damage Edit

Increase power damage and force bonuses by 5%.

  • Power Damage Bonus: 10%

Rank 3: Weapon Damage Edit

Increase weapon damage by 5%.

  • Weapon Damage Bonus: 10%

Rank 4: Weapon Damage/Power Damage Edit

Weapon Damage

Increase weapon damage bonus by 7.5%.

  • Weapon Damage Bonus: 17.5%

Power Damage

Increase power damage and force bonuses by 12.50%.

  • Power Damage Bonus: 22.50%

Rank 5: Power Damage/Headshots Edit

Power Damage

Increase power damage and force bonuses by 15%.

  • Power Damage Bonus: 37.50% (Power Damage), 25% (Weapon Damage)


Increase headshot damage bonus by 20%

Rank 6: Charge Generation/Weapon Damage Edit

Charge Generation

Increase the rate that charges are regenerated by 100%.

  • Charge Regeneration Speed: 30 sec

Weapon Damage

Increase weapon damage bonus by 10%

  • Weapon Damage Bonus: 27.5% (Weapon Damage), 20% (Power Damage)

Player Notes Edit

  • What the Power tooltips refer to as "Charges" are Grenades. Regeneration speed depends on weapon weight the same way power cooldowns do (the Talon only has Grenade-based powers and no normal power cooldowns).

Availability Edit

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