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Kelham Head
Elias Kelham
Human Criminal
Voice Actor
Keith Szarabajka
Mass Effect 2

Elias Kelham is a human criminal on the Citadel. Originally a small-timer, Kelham rose in power after higher-level crime bosses were killed during Sovereign's attack on the Citadel in 2183. He bribes C-Sec Captain Bailey in exchange for not causing too much trouble with his illegal activities.

During the search for Thane's son, Kolyat Krios, Commander Shepard and Thane find out that Kelham hired Kolyat to assassinate an anti-human turian politician, Joram Talid. Kelham is then brought in for interrogation by Shepard and Thane at the C-Sec office in the Zakera Ward. Regardless of the interrogation methods used on him, Elias eventually admits hiring Kolyat for the assassination attempt. Thane will also remark that Kelham's interrogation might have been the shortest interrogation in history, depending on the interrogation procedures.

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