Invasion Elbrus

The Elbrus is a Cerberus cruiser under the command of General Oleg Petrovsky. The Elbrus was dispatched to Omega during the events of Mass Effect: Invasion by the Illusive Man to help contain a dangerous threat that Cerberus had released.

Mass Effect: Invasion Edit

When Omega comes under attack from Reaper creatures called Adjutants that broke free from Cerberus's research bases beyond the Omega 4 Relay, the Elbrus is dispatched in advance of a Cerberus fleet to aid Aria T'Loak in eliminating the threat. The ship makes quick work of the unarmed transport vessels that the Adjutants had hijacked to reach the station. It also leads the defense of Omega from a second wave of armed Adjutant ships. The sheer number of attackers overwhelm the Elbrus, however, forcing General Petrovsky to take it through the Omega 4 Relay to prevent it from being destroyed and to stop the Adjutants at their source: Avernus Station.

Once there, the Elbrus is used to clear the Adjutants from Avernus Station's exterior and acts as a base of operations for Cerberus forces to reclaim the station. During the return trip to Omega, Aria escapes confinement and hijacks the ship. When it docks, she escapes before Cerberus troops can kill her.

Trivia Edit

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