Elan'Shiya is a quarian psychiatrist or psychologist aboard the Rayya.

At Tali's hearing, Commander Shepard can talk to Veetor. Elan will be present with him, probably acting as his caregiver. She will state the Veetor is recovering well but not ready for a public speech just yet. She will bring Veetor back when his trauma begins to regress.

Elan'Shiya wears a unique environmental suit, being a distinctive dark reddish-brown color, which is different from that of most other female quarians. It may be to distinguish her profession.

If Shepard chose to hand Veetor over to Cerberus on Freedom's Progress, when he is encountered aboard the Rayya, he will complain of torture at the hands of Cerberus. However, Dr 'Shiya will explain to an outraged Tali in their defense, that the drugs Cerberus administered were intended to stabilize him but instead worsened his condition.

Also, if Shepard chooses to rally the crowd at the end of Tali's trial, after Veetor stands up for her, Shepard can converse some more with Veetor and Elan'Shiya. Tali expresses her surprise that Veetor stood up in a large crowd and in front of the Admirals to defend her and Shepard comments that, "Maybe it just took a pretty woman to make you feel better." Veetor will then look at Elan and say, "Maybe."

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