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Elaaden is a desert world located in the Heleus Cluster in the Andromeda galaxy. It is flagged as a potential habitat, but the extreme heat and lack of water makes for poor long-term survival prospects. It is also a possible location of a lost krogan colony ship.

Other known features of the planet include acid pools and a structure referred to as the Flophouse.

Description Edit

A moistureless, sweltering landscape covered by a large number of cover-subsistence sinkholes, Elaaden still supports life to a limited degree. The fledgling krogan colony of New Tuchanka is here, along with what appear to be abandoned mining facilities, scattered outposts and camps.

Orbital distance: 32.8 AU
Orbital period: 44.4 years
Radius: 6168 km
Atmospheric pressure: 0.89 atmospheres
Surface temperature: 52C to 99C

Deposits: Silicon, Element zero, Iron, Carbon

References Edit

  • Game Informer December 2016, p. 60

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