Location: Andromeda / Heleus Cluster / Zaubray System / Unknown

Description Edit

Nonviable Edit

A moistureless, sweltering landscape covered by a large number of cover-subsistence sinkholes, Elaaden still supports life to a limited degree. The fledgling krogan colony of New Tuchanka is here, along with what appear to be abandoned mining facilities, scattered outposts and camps.

Temperature range is 52C to 99C. Exposure to direct sunlight is not recommended.

Viable Edit

If Pathfinder Ryder gave the Remnant drive core to Nakmor Morda:
A sweltering landscape with rising humidity, Elaaden is home to the outpost New Tuchanka, which is a cooperative venture between the Initiative and the krogan colony. (Founded by Nakmor Morda, Pathfinder Ryder; Mayor Kariste Archana elected.)

If Pathfinder Ryder kept the Remnant drive core for Prodromos:

Codex Entry Edit

Elaaden is the scorching desert moon of a gas giant. Identified on the Initiative charts as Habitat 2. Elaaden was considered a "golden world," despite its harsh conditions, because of the moon's vast mineral wealth. Tidal gravitational effects cause plumes of sodium silicate to erupt from Elaaden's core, depositing unusually pure silicon sand across the surface -- invaluable for manufacturing high-performance computer hardware.

Orbital surveys show that contrary to projections, Elaaden is almost devoid of water vapor, making long-term settlement or mining efforts unlikely. Those who live on Elaaden face a constant struggle for survival. Able to thrive in environments that would kill most organic species in days, the krogan who departed the Nexus have established a colony on Elaaden and defend their sovereignty fiercely. The Nexus advises travelers to avoid Elaaden if possible.

Points of Interest Edit

Name Description Associated Missions
Gehenna Valley Central valley dominated with hoodoo and remnant structures; sandwiched between New Tuchanka and the Scavenger Flophouse. Architect
Hell's Promise Contains a massive crashed Remnant ship that holds a drive core sought by the krogan of New Tuchanka to power their colony. Search for the Stolen Remnant Drive Core
New Tuchanka A thriving colony founded by the Nexus krogan and ruled by Overlord Nakmor Morda. Settling ElaadenThe Search for Ljeta
Scavenger Flophouse ("Misery") Contains the Scavenger Flophouse, a shelter used by scavengers and gangs roving Elaaden's deserts.
Paradise Sands A desert plain pocked with sinkholes. Location of The Paradise.
Sea of Ataraxia A vast area of sand dunes that covers most of the northern half of the map.
The Paradise A small trading post and the supplier of practically all of Elaaden's water. Owned by Annea. Water Supply

Gray Matter

Conflict in the Colony

Mineral DepositsEdit


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