Eirochs are large, quadrupedal creatures. They are protected by armor and can be found on Voeld, Kadara and Havarl.

Description Edit

The creature shares some similar physical attributes to a gorilla, including walking method, although the Eiroch has scales and armor instead of fur. The Eiroch has a heart-shaped crest on its head, massive arms as its main arsenal, and sharp teeth, indicating that the beast is carnivorous in nature.

The beast is highly aggressive, and will actively pursue a player when spotted. Due to its strength, it is inadvisable to challenge it alone unless the player has powerful weapons and strong team members to take it down. A defeated Eiroch usually leaves behind a number or rare organic materials to collect.

Curiously, an Eiroch will crumble into dust when killed. This creates a difficulty in identifying the creature, as players will have to be up close in order to scan it.

Related Missions Edit

After purging the Remnant Vault on Havarl, a science team from the Nexus commented that some of the planet's wildlife are contaminated somehow. If Pathfinder Ryder agrees to investigate into the matter, he/she will have to hunt down a mutated Eiroch and scan its body. The beast is encountered on an angara camp. This Eiroch is light brown in color, so players can't miss it, and is much stronger than its normal counterpart. It is later revealed that the angara's Roekaar organization were intentionally poisoning the wildlife as a means of terrorizing the Initiative's scientists.

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