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Eden Prime
Eden Prime
Planet View
Orbital Distance 1.85 AU
Orbital Period 2.5 Earth Years
Keplerian Ratio 1.013
Radius 7,026 km
Day Length 64.1 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure 1.45 atm
Surface Temp 23 °C
Surface Gravity 1.04 g
Mass 1.253 Earth Masses
Satellites N/A

Location: Milky WayExodus ClusterUtopia System Second planet

Species Human
Capital Constant
Colony Founded 2152
Population 3.7 million (2183)
4.2 million (2186)
(Pop. estimate is pre-invasion)

Description Edit

Mass Effect Edit

This idyllic agrarian world was one of the first human colonies established beyond the Charon mass relay. Eden Prime's biosphere is unusually well-suited for importation of Earth-native life. This fertility drew heavy immigration and development by the Systems Alliance and various corporations.

Today Eden Prime is a model of sustainable, organized development. The population is housed in space-efficient arcologies that tower over thousands of kilometers of green fields and orchards.

Mass Effect 3 Edit

This idyllic agrarian world was one of the first human colonies established beyond the Charon mass relay. Eden Prime's fertile biosphere drew heavy immigration by the Systems Alliance and other human organizations.

In 2183, Eden Prime was attacked by a geth force led by the rogue Spectre Saren Arterius. Commander Shepard, responding to the attack, encountered a Prothean beacon that warned of imminent Reaper invasion. It is thanks to this beacon, and the Commander's quick action, that the galaxy has any chance of survival today.

Though the Reapers rushed past much of the Exodus Cluster in their plan to take Earth, it is clear the war has come to Eden Prime. Distress signals have jammed all available frequencies, fires burn in vast swaths across the arable land, and its once-extensive monorail system is twisted metal. It is clear that Cerberus has much to lose if word of their ruthless attack on the human colony gets out. What they stand to gain must be equally valuable.

Additional Information Edit

Eden Prime is a human colony founded on the borders of the Terminus Systems. Known for its pristine, Earth-like greenery and suitability for sustaining life, it has become a kind of symbol for humanity's ability to create functioning colonies in an interstellar community. Eden Prime is known for being a beautiful paradise for all species. Most long time colonists are in the agriculture business.

Missions Edit

Mass Effect Edit

Mass Effect 3 Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Concept art of Eden Prime shows mobile "fields" of crops that could be moved on the cargo train.
  • According to Mass Effect: Incursion, the population of Eden Prime actually increased after the events of Mass Effect, from 3.7 million to 3,962,450 humans.
  • The planet was named a "culturally significant site" in 2185 by Earth's Council for the Preservation of Human History and Culture.
  • According to Zaeed Massani, as of 2185, only the farms on Eden Prime have been rebuilt. Zaeed makes note of this as he considers his retirement plans.
  • Concept art of Eden Prime's terrain is inspired by England's Lake District National Park.
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