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Eagle Nebula
Milky Way / Eagle Nebula
Eagle Nebula
Cluster view
Systems 5
Relays 1

Location: Milky Way / Eagle Nebula

A cluster located in the Terminus Systems, the Eagle Nebula is a free-for-all colonization and resourcing prospect for multiple species. Humans, batarians, salarians, and hanar (and their drell lackeys) all have sizeable stakes in the cluster. Mercenary factions with known activity in the cluster include the Eclipse and the Blood Pack.

According to Galaxy Map overlays, the cluster is directly connected by mass relays to Minos Wasteland, Ismar Frontier, the Shrike Abyssal, the Crescent Nebula, the Omega Nebula, and the Serpent Nebula.

The Eagle Nebula is also known as Messier 16 or NGC 6611. The Eagle Nebula was one of eight nebulae discovered in 1745-46 by Swiss astronomer Jean-Philippe de Cheseaux.


Eagle Nebula
Asteroid belt
Asteroid belt
Asteroid belt

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