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Dragon Trade Center

The Dracon Trade Center is an office building in Illium. It contains offices for several corporations, including Baria Frontiers, ExSolar Shipping, Eldfell-Ashland Energy, and Nezo Transportation. The building also contains a security office, a diner, and the salarian embassy.

During the mission Lair of the Shadow Broker, Liara T'Soni travels to the Baria Frontiers offices to meet with her contact Sekat to get information about the Shadow Broker's location. Shortly after, three floors of the building (including those the Baria Frontiers offices are on) are partially destroyed by bombs set by the Shadow Broker's agents just after Commander Shepard and Tela Vasir arrive at the trade center.

After the explosions, the Shadow Broker's private army enter the building to kill any survivors (including Sekat and Liara), where they are stopped by Commander Shepard.

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