Dr. Warren is a human scientist and the head of an archaeological team on Eden Prime.

Dr. Warren is one of the survivors of the geth attack on Eden Prime. She was head of the archaeological team which was excavating the Prothean BeaconAshley Williams recognises her when they meet. She is found hiding in one of the shelters near the dig site with her assistant, Manuel. Dr. Warren tells Commander Shepard that the beacon was moved to the spaceport that morning; she and Manuel stayed behind to pack up the camp before the geth attacked. The 232 marine unit resisted the geth long enough for Dr. Warren and Manuel to hide, at the cost of their own lives.

She is excited about the beacon and the possibilities it might hold. She identifies the beacon as being part of a galaxy-wide communications network, but has not had time to learn more. Having survived the geth attack with the help of the marines, she is more concerned about taking care of Manuel, who has become unhinged by the experience; Dr. Warren asks Shepard to leave Manuel alone whilst his medication kicks in. If Shepard chooses to punch Manuel unconscious, Dr. Warren is horrified by the Commander's actions.

Trivia Edit

  • When you first talk to Dr. Warren, she says, "Thank the Maker!", which may be a reference to the Star Wars series of films, as the character C-3PO utters the phrase "Thank the Maker!" frequently.

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