Dr. Palon is a salarian toxicologist working at Noveria's Rift Station, on Peak 15. Commander Shepard finds Palon sleeping at the back of the main area, towards the entrance to the maintenance area, past Petozi. Shepard can wake Palon to talk to him. He is somewhat jumpy, but willing to talk about the current situation: he can tell Shepard more about the labs and point the commander in Han Olar's direction. He also mentions the biotoxin accident that affected Dr. Zev Cohen's team, but does not go into details. Palon however has apparently not seen Benezia; when asked, he says Dr. Iallis is the only asari present.

If asked about his research, Palon remains committed to his non-disclosure agreement as he would like to keep his job if he survives. He talks about Peak 15, explaining that he does not like working there, but it pays better than anywhere else. Palon says that the isolated environment of Peak 15 means there is "only the discovery", and it becomes easy to forget why science is guided by ethics in the outside world.

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