Dr. Lexi T'Perro is the medical doctor aboard the scout ship Tempest. Her wisdom and experience allows her to act in an advisory capacity to the Pathfinder, in addition to evaluating their physical and mental well-being. She conducts her business with due professionalism, although sometimes her caring and compassion goes over it.

Dr. Lexi is 275 years old. She possesses a dry sense of humor, has a sort of a rivalry with Peebee, and a bit of a crush on Drack.

While Pathfinder Ryder is in the outpost Paradise on Elaaden, they can assist Lexi in deducing the stasis pods on the Arks led to chemical imbalances in the bodies of some of the passengers, leading to the violent behavior of the Nexus Exiles who would plague the Heleus Cluster as scavengers and outlaws.

Background Edit

Lexi grew up on Omega, her mother was a dancer and her father was a turian bouncer. Lexi spent a lot of time patching up her father's injuries and discovered she was good at it which led her parents to spend everything they had to get her an education to become a doctor. She lost both of them in a turf war at some point before she joined the Andromeda Initiative. She is also a good friend of Dr. Harry Carlyle, whom she met at a medical convention on the Citadel. When she and Harry joined the Initiative, he insisted that she come with him on the human ark Hyperion, which she was eligible for due to her knowledge of human anatomy.

Correspondence Edit

First message received after speaking with Lexi on the Tempest

In Case You're Interested
To: Ryder
From: Lexi

[Attachment: Krogan Virility and Aggression]


Attached is my krogan thesis that I mentioned to you. I know-only 500 pages--but I wasn't allowed to go over. If you get through it, I wrote a longer dissertation for the Citadel Journal of Medicine (around 1400 pages) that's much more insightful and includes mating diagrams.


Received following returning to the Tempest after activating the remnant vault on Eos

Yoga Poses
To: Ryder
From: Lexi


Given the amount of high-impact cardio in your exercise routine, I recommend spending 5 to 10 minutes a day stretching to open your hips and relieve tightness in the lower back. The poses I've listed below should do nicely. Not to sound elitist, but while it's true humans invented yoga, the asari perfected it.

Kurinth's Bow: Standing, spread your legs apart, turning one foot outward. Take a deep breath. ON exhale, bend your torso towards the outward facing foot, until your hand meets your ankle. Hold for five seconds, then switch sides.

Tevura's Embrace: Lying on your back, bring your feet together until there is a diamond of negative space between your legs. Palms against the floor, push your hips forward, but be careful not to overextend yourself.

Matriach's Pose: Kneeling, take a deep breath. On exhale, bring both hands together to form a triangle. On the second inhale, wing arms overhead and bend forward until your torso is between your thighs. Hold for three breaths, reaching farther with each exhale.

Please let me know if you need diagrams or vids.


References Edit

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