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Doran in Flux
Nightclub Owner
Voice Actor
Gord Marriott
Mass Effect
Doran is the volus owner of the Flux nightclub on the Citadel. When asked by Commander Shepard, Doran replies by saying that he is the "owner, cook, bartender - I've even been known to get up and dance when the mood strikes me". He is very welcoming to new patrons and usually points them in the direction of the casino upstairs.

If Shepard agrees to help Schells the salarian gambler to gather data from the Quasar gambling machines, Doran comments suspiciously on the Commander's "luck". Shepard can turn Schells' scanning device over to Doran, who is annoyed at Schells, but grateful for the help. When Shepard returns to Flux, Doran is on the dance floor and the Commander has the opportunity to join in.

Shepard can also talk to Doran about Jenna and Rita for their related assignment.

Trivia Edit

  • Doran's voice actor, Gord Marriott, also voices Han Olar. Previously, he voiced Old Wei in BioWare's Jade Empire.

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