Ambassador Dominic Osoba is the human ambassador on the Citadel in 2186. He is searching for his missing son, Bilal.

Commander Shepard overhears Ambassador Osoba in the Citadel Embassies being stonewalled by bureaucracy in his search for information on the whereabouts of his son. Osoba recounts his story to Shepard: Bilal's squad returned from their mission on Benning without him, and they were too ashamed to look the Ambassador in the eye when he questioned them. Osoba asks Shepard for help.

Shepard can visit Purgatory Bar to hear about Bilal's heroics from his squad: Cerberus had them pinned, but Bilal sacrificed himself to save the team. However, it is only after Shepard recovers Bilal's dog tags from Benning and returns them to the Ambassador that Osoba can finally find closure.

After Donnel Udina's coup on the Citadel, Dominic is appointed as temporary Councilor until a replacement can be elected.

Trivia Edit

  • The word "osoba" means "person" in several Slavic languages, including Russian, Ukranian, Polish, Croatian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Slovak, and Czech.