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Planet View
Orbital Distance 20.8 AU
Orbital Period 95.2 Earth Years
Keplerian Ratio 0.993
Radius 28,982 km
Day Length 10.6 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure N/A
Surface Temp N/A
Surface Gravity N/A
Mass N/A
Satellites >1

Location: Milky WayAethon ClusterAru System Fifth planet

Prerequisite: Priority: Tuchanka (Mass Effect 3)


Doldit's moons have long been mined out, but they still hosted dozens of corporate-owned laboratories relocated there to avoid the environmental restrictions placed on research and development firms by Irune. Everything from weapon testing to cutting-edge biological research was outsourced to facilities orbiting Doldit. This made it an attractive target for the Reapers, who sent a small but powerful force to blow the facilities into scrap.

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