The Majordomo at Prodromos added the names of Site 1 and Site 2 casualties to the list of survivors, and something doesn't add up. There are still people missing from Promise and Resilience. Evidence might be found to explain those still missing at a number of possible emergency muster points.


Talking to Majordomo Bell-Scott and asking about how you can help Prodromos will give you this mission. The mission will not be available until Task: Naming the Dead has been completed.


Scan emergency muster sitesEdit

There are four points scattered around Site 1 and 2. Scanning the burn marks on the ground at any of them reveals that an Initiative shuttle took off there, allowing for the possibility of at least one shuttle to have escaped. SAM needs more information to be certain, so continue to scan the burn marks at the other sites. One of the spots is in an area with extremely high levels of radiation, however, so you may have to come back later.

Upon scanning the fourth burn mark, Ryder concludes that a shuttle must have made several pickups while escaping the kett, but was unable to reach the Nexus. SAM predicts their most likely path from the turian tactical pattern the pilot was using.

Search Eriksson sector for missing shuttleEdit

After arriving in the Eriksson system, make a scan. It reveals a wreckage of a kett ship. It seems to have been destroyed by a collision with an eezo core jettisoned from the escaping Initiative shuttle. Scan it for loot.

Another scan lead to the Initiative shuttle drifting. There are indications that some of the Resilience personnel are still alive and in stasis. A request for rescue is sent to the Nexus. Oddly, scanning the shuttle gives loot.


  • 270 XP
  • 29 AVP
  • 2% Eos viability

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