Doctor Hendricks is a human scientist who specializes in biosciences and vaccinations.

Doctor Hendricks has been kidnapped by batarian terrorists. They claimed to Hendricks that the batarians have fallen prey to a terrible disease that has wiped out entire populations. The disease, a blood plague, is communicable only in high concentrations, incubates very quickly, and has a 100% fatality rate. Having told Hendricks about the plague, they convinced him to develop a cure on the facility located on Ahn'Kedar Orbital Platform.

Once there, Hendricks is discovered by Jacob, who killed his guards during his investigation on the platform. When Jacob arrives, the scientist seems more upset about Jacob interrupting his work than having been taken hostage. Hendricks explains his situation and says that in good conscience he couldn't refuse to help cure the batarians' deadly illness. He also says that he can't leave them because his work is not yet over and that he is close to the solution. Jacob finally convinces Hendricks to leave by saying that the batarians are in fact terrorists and that they plan to attack the Council on the Citadel. Hendricks then reveals that the prototype formula for the cure is held by Batha, another scientist, who is in a nearby facility.

At that moment the krogan Nax bursts through the door with Batha in his arms, under heavy fire from the batarians. Jacob helps defend him against the terrorists and brings everybody, including Hendricks, on board his ship. Later, the scientists finalized the cure once they acquired the previously missing component, unrefined element zero.