Nakmor scouts from New Tuchanka have reported kett ships crashed on Elaaden. They believe this is something that warrants a Pathfinder's attention.


Starts automatically upon the completion of Hunting the Archon.


Check your emailEdit

Message from New Tuchanka: Troubling Kett Activity

To: Ryder
From: Nakmor Clan


Nakmor scouts recently returned with a troubling report. Two kett ships crashed on a plateau on Elaaden after taking damage flying through the Scourge. One scout swears she saw one of the ships firing upon the other as they went down, but we are unable to verify this claim.

If there are survivors from this crash, the desert will quickly claim their lives, However, we believe the circumstances surrounding the crash unusual enough to warrant bringing to the attention of the Pathfinder.

The Nakmor Clan of New Tuchanka

Acknowledge the message to proceed.

Investigate the crashed kett ships on ElaadenEdit

When you arrive you see kett fighting kett. Eliminate them, and then search the site. On the ground is a kett datapad. It's is locked, and surprisingly SAM is unable to hack it, but suggest Ryder take it to the Tempest for analysis.

You receive 29 AVP and +2% Elaaden viability.

Speak with Suvi on the TempestEdit

Suvi discovered that the datapad is biometrically locked. Acquiring the right kett genitics isn't easy, but Suvi has an idea that might work. The genetic codes Ryder scanned on Voeld might be useful. Lexi have been doing some research on them.

Confer with LexiEdit

Lexi have done the sequencing of the scanned kett DNA. Suvi suggests a brute force hack: SAM tries them all in different combinations. And the datapad is quickly unlocked. It doesn't contain any logs or messages - just a signal that locked on to a transmission. A mysterious kett says that the Archon is on the wrong path with his obsession of the Remnant, and has to be destroyed unless he returns to the right path. Suvi manages to track the source of the transmission, and gives Ryder the navpoint.

Locate the source of the signal on EosEdit

It's in a tunnel through the mountain. There is kett camp and an escape pod. At the navpoint is a beacon.

Scan the relay to track down the source of signalEdit

This leads to a second relay inside an energy shield, and protected by a couple of kett. Dispose of them and turn off the power to the shield. Scanning it leads to a third relay with the same type of defenses. Scanning it leads to the fourth relay inside a building. The signal is strong and unobstructed, so it's probably its source.

Investigate the buildingEdit

Inside are three audio log criticizing the Archon, and a communications console. Using it will start a conversation with the Archon's adversary (Primus) who will offer you a deal. You have two choices:

  • Accepted it and get a kill-switch. During the final mission it can be used to disable some of the Archon's ships, weakening the kett.
  • Don't accept. Nothing happens.

There are no other consequences known for either choice.


1330 xp, 29 AVP, +2% Eos viability.

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