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ME3 disruption drone
Disruption Drone
ME3 Enemy-S
Faction CAT6
Type Synthetic
Abilities Class Power ME2 Icon Kamikaze Attack
Shields Low
Locations Citadel

The Disruption Drone is a CAT6 unit encountered in Mass Effect 3. It is deployed by CAT6 Specialists.

Capabilities Edit


Once deployed, the drone will move slowly and seek out targets, usually at their last known position. When Shepard or a squadmate enters its detection range, an alarm will sound for a brief moment, and the drone will kamikaze towards its target, dealing heavy damage, especially against shields or barriers (usually depleting them).


Disruption Drones have no defensive capacity beyond their shielding.

Tactics Edit

  • Shooting Disruptor Drones down before they reach you is the most obvious method of dealing with them.
  • Alternatively, should Shepard become targeted, rolling to the side out of its path will allow you to evade damage.
  • As with all shield-protected enemies, Overload, Energy Drain, and Disruptor Ammo are very effective.
  • Sabotage will force the drone to either cease attacking or go after its former allies.

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