Disambiguous This article is about the mission in Mass Effect: Andromeda. For the process of taking apart items in Mass Effect: Andromeda, see Deconstruct.

Scavengers are attempting to remove cores from a Remnant site. According to Peebee, this could make the cores unstable, which will attract the Scourge. Making the cores inert will prevent this.


Starts automatically when Ryder gets close to one of the bigger Remnant sites on Elaaden, e.g. one is located straight to the west from Paradise a bit before the player reaches a Forward Station there.

Walkthrough Edit

Investigate The Remnant Site Edit

Eliminate the hostiles. Jump up to the two cores, and interact with them - giving Rd icon remnant orange. Remnants will appear and attack Ryder.

Investigate Remnant Sites Edit

The player has to locate two other sites and repeat the procedure there. They are marked on the map.

Rewards Edit

+1600 XP
+73 AVP AVP icon
+5% Elaaden viability