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Planet View
Orbital Distance 1.35 AU
Orbital Period 1.6 Earth Years
Keplerian Ratio 0.961
Radius 4,061 km
Day Length 37.2 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure 0.35 atm
Surface Temp 21 °C
Surface Gravity 0.69 g
Mass 0.278 Earth Masses
Satellites N/A

Location: Milky WayApien CrestCastellus System Third planet

Species Turian
Capital Apparitus
Colony Founded 381 BCE
Population 1.9 billion
(Pop. estimate is pre-invasion)

Description Edit

A hospitable world home to dextro-amino-acid-based life, this turian colony was famous, until recently, for being the site of the bloodiest battle in turian history. During the Krogan Rebellions, a warlord named Graken Dhal took the fight to Palaven's home cluster, bombarding the modestly-defended Digeris. When reinforcements came to intercept him, Dhal's navy put their rear to Digeris so that stray shots would hit the planet. The turians won despite this severe handicap, using countless fighters and cruisers to take down the krogan dreadnoughts.

Today, the turian fleet holds Digeris in a stalemate. The Reapers, concentrating on Palaven and elsewhere, sent a relatively light force to take the planet, which the turians repelled. The turians stand guard at Digeris while the Reapers travel throughout the system, destroying targets of opportunity until reinforcements arrive.

Mission Edit

Search and Rescue Edit

Main article: Search and Rescue
  • Artifact: Banner of the 1st Regiment

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