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Disambiguous This article is about the Remnant unit. For the Reaper variant in Mass Effect 3, see Destroyer. For the geth unit, see Geth Destroyer. For the Assault Mastery power evolution in Mass Effect 2, see Assault Mastery.

The Destroyer is a Remnant unit. Destroyers are large, quadrupedal walkers with structures reminiscent of the pod crabs of Virmire. They are armed with two rapid-fire turrets on each side. Their side turrets can be targeted individually.

They are are shielded and armored.

Tactics Edit

The Destroyer is a giant with 2 rapid-firing gun turrets, with shield and armor for the body as well as individual turrets. With its rapid-firing turrets lay down so much firepower on you, it's difficult to counter until the turrets are gone. So first target the turrets, which has their own individual shield and armor.

Once without its turrets, the Destroyer will use its main gun in the torso but at least the rate of fire is lower than the turrets. All that is left is to drain its shield and armor in any mean necessary. The Destroyer is highly resistant to damage most of the time, but when it charges its main gun it becomes vulnerable. Powers and weapons used on it while it's charging will inflict substantially increased damage.

Caution: the Destroyer never operates alone, so be careful of the Breachers / Assemblers / Observers / Nullifiers in the same vicinity. It's advisible to take out those lesser foes before concentrating on the Destroyer,

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