The Destined is a kett unit.

Description Edit

Destined are described in intercepted communications as "ancestral" kett who act as battlefield commanders. They rally infantry into tightly cohesive units, providing shield support and directing operations from the center.

The most interesting characteristic of the Destined is their ability to produce an obscuring "smoke" cloud without mechanical assistance. Preliminary study suggests Destined have internal sacs that excrete carbonate-rich compounds, which include a melanin-like pigment. When expelled into the air at will, internal acids trigger a gas evolution reaction and the pigment expands to cover the battlefield, cloaking other kett allies. While studies suggest it is not harmful, breathing the cloud for extended periods is not recommended.

Capabilities Edit

Offensive Edit

Destined are armed with Hesh shoguns, high explosive (HE) grenades, and will melee attack when close.

Defensive Edit

Destined have shields, can cloak to deter visual detection, and can create smokescreens to obscure view of enemies.

Tactics Edit