Major Derek Izunami is an Alliance Major and Jacob Taylor's former commanding officer. He meets Jacob when he arrives at the Citadel, shortly after a batarian attack on the Arcturian Jade.

Izunami has information pointing to another attack, but this time on the Citadel. He claims that the batarians see humans as usurpers, and that the planned peace agreement between the Council and Jath'Amon would be seen by some batarian factions as a surrender.

Izunami proposes an investigative mission to the Nemean Abyss, but he needs someone who is "unconnected" to the Alliance military, suggesting that unauthorized tactics may be necessary to prevent this attack. Jacob accepts the mission and is assigned a ship to travel to the Nemean Abyss, deep in the Terminus Systems. Izunami tells Jacob that he is to meet with a contact at Cartagena Station, in a bar called 'The Fringe'.

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