Cryo Beam is a Tech skill in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Skill Ranks Edit

Rank Label Icon Description Bonus
1 Cryo Beam
MEA Primer Cold icon
HOLD BUTTON: Directs a continuous stream of super-cooled particles that freezes targets, priming them for combo detonations. Freezing disables unarmored enemies and weakens enemy armor, but has no effect on shielded foes.
Damage per Second: 135

Defense Debuff vs. Armor: 50%
Recharge Time (s): 15

2 Recharge Speed - +10% Recharge Speed
3 Damage - +20% Damage
4 Damage - +25% Damage
4 Recharge Speed - +25% Recharge Speed
5 Brittle Freeze - +50% Armor Defense Debuff
5 Radius The beam freezes targets in a small radius around its impact point. Radius (m): 2
6 Snap Freeze Shattering frozen targets causes additional damage to nearby foes and snap-freezes nearby defenseless enemies. +50% Frozen Shatter Damage

+50% Frozen Shatter Force
+150% Frozen Shatter Radius

6 Cryo Trap When aimed away from a direct target, the beam creates a temporary freezing zone that chills enemies who enter. -

Player Notes Edit

Mechanics Edit

  • Cryo Beam has no set range, meaning that any targeted enemy can be hit with the power.
  • Shielded enemies take damage from the beam, but cannot be frozen or primed for Cryo Combos.
  • Enemies need to be hit with the Cryo Beam for a few seconds before they are considered frozen. Unarmored and unshielded enemies will freeze solid and stop moving, while armored enemies will appear to be almost pure white and covered in ice.

Strategies Edit

  • Due to its ability to both stop enemies and set them up for combos, Cryo Beam is especially useful against enemies such as Breachers, Ahdi, and Wraiths that try to rush the player with melee attacks. Adding the Radius and Cryo Trap upgrades make it even more effective in this role.
  • Cryo Beam is one of the more effective powers for priming combos, as it has virtually unlimited range and if only used for a duration sufficient to freeze an enemy, has a very fast cool down.

Availability Edit