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Cryo Beam is a Tech skill in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Ranks Edit

Cost Rank Description Bonus
1 Cryo Beam Hold button: Directs a continuous stream of super-cooled particles that freezes targets, priming them for combo detonations. Freezing disables unarmored enemies and weakens enemy armor, but has no effect on shielded foes. Damage per Second: 135

Defense Debuff vs. Armor: 50%

Recharge Time (s): 15

2 Recharge Speed Increases recharge speed +10% Recharge Speed
3 Damage Increases damage 20% Damage
4 Damage Increases damage 25% Damage
4 Recharge Speed Increases recharge speed 25% Recharge Speed
5 Brittle Freeze Increase Armor Defense Debuff +50% Armor Defense Debuff
5 Radius The beam freezes targets in a small radius around its impact point Radius (m): 2
6 Snap Freeze Shattering frozen targets causes additional damage to nearby foes and snap-freezes nearby defenseless enemies. +50% Frozen Shatter Damage

+50% Frozen Shatter Force

+150% Frozen Shatter Radius

6 Cryo Trap When aimed away from a direct target, the beam creates a temporary freezing zone that chills enemies who enter.


Player Notes Edit


Availability Edit

  • Single-player: Starting Power
  • Multiplayer: Human Engineer

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