By activating Havarl's lost monolith and resetting the vault, you prevented the planet's destruction. Angaran scientists at the Pelaav research station expressed an interest in working with Initiative teams. Director Addision dispatched several researchers to the planet, and has asked you to check in on the situation there.

Acquisition Edit

Read the email received after completing A Dying Planet.

Havarl: Science Team Deployment
To: Ryder
From: Benedict Geffen

Pathfinder Team:

The Nexus has approved the request for a multi-disciplinary team to be posted on Havarl (a.k.a. Habitat 3) to assist with the angaran efforts there.

Primary Team Members:
Dr. Hawkins MacIntyre (Xenoanthropology, Team Lead)
Zerra Kassian (Botany, Environmental Engineer)
Farley Berra (Entomology)
Cody Holdren (Quartermaster)

Both angara and Nexus teams have expressed interesting [sic] in having the Pathfinder visit Havarl again to observe cross-cultural efforts.

Benedict Geffen, on behalf of Director Addison

Walkthrough Edit

Contact Director Addison from Havarl Edit

Speak with Addison on the Holocommunicator, and make your Pathfinder statement.


Nexus scientists are now deployed on Havarl and cooperating with the angara. The mission Overgrown is available. Merchant Cody Holdren has opened shop upstairs by the shuttle.

When Ryder returns to Havarl after receiving this mission the bridge from the Tempest has been repaired, the room upstairs is occupied by Inititive's Harval team, and the merchant Holdren is on the shuttle platform.


  • 270 XP
  • 1600 AVP
  • 20% Havarl viability

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