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Planet View
Type Rock
Orbital Distance 4.3 AU
Orbital Period 8.9 Earth Years
Keplerian Ratio 1.004
Radius 4,738 km
Day Length 60.7 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure 2.77 atm
Surface Temp −32 °C
Surface Gravity 0.6 g
Mass 0.329 Earth Masses
Satellites N/A

Location: Milky WaySigurd's CradleSkepsis System Fourth planet

Prerequisite: N7: MSV Strontium Mule (Mass Effect 2)


Known for its spectacular geysers that can be seen from orbit, Crick is a rock planet with expansive frozen oceans. Though it is within the temperature and pressure range for human habitation, its thick atmosphere is largely carbon dioxide and monoxide, making breath masks or environmental suits mandatory. The most abundant resources for exploitation are the potassium salts found in its seabeds, which fetch good prices on terraforming worlds.

Mineral DepositsEdit

Initial Scanner Result: Rich

Mineral Amount Approximate Value
Palladium Medium 5,000
Platinum Medium 5,000
Iridium High 12,000
Element Zero None 0


  • Since the planets in the Skepsis system are probably named for famous scientists and thinkers, Crick is likely named after Francis Crick (1916-2004), one of the discoverers of the structure of DNA.

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