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The Crew Info Board is found in the crew quarters on the Tempest. It is added to as the game progresses, and the messages serve no purpose other than added entertainment value.

Anyone want to help me move a couch? Edit

Lost and Found: Coffee Mug Edit

Dinner Tonight: NULL ENTRY Edit

Drive core noise Edit

No need to panic about the drive core noise this morning. Just a stress test. There's nothing wrong with an 0500 wake-up call. [Gil]


>[Profanity deleted by InfoBoard VI - You're Welcome!] [Liam]

>>Adjectived verbing nouns, Gil! [Liam]

>>>Liam, if the VI learns to censor ALL language, I'm making you reprogram it. [Cora]

>>>>Educational, in a way. [Jaal]

Angaran Word of the Day: Tavum Edit

After Action Report: Fire Drill Edit

Angaran Word of the Day: Gosan Edit

Mental Wellness Edit

Lost and Found: Hot Patch Gun Edit

Lost this from my workbench yesterday and I'm really hoping it didn't fall through the deck plating. [Gil]


>I borrowed it to fix a loose sole on my boot. I'm almost done. [Liam]

>>Liam, can I grab that quickly after? Need to patch a strap. [Cora]

>>>Oh, the pilot's seat cushion just needs a quick fix too. [Kallo]

>>>>That would really help a rickety shelf I've got down here... [Vetra]

>>>>>I built another hot patch gun. You guys can fight over that one. [Gil]

Angaran Word of the Day: Vesagara Edit

Lost and Found: Fugly Sweater Edit

Proficiency Training (Firearms, Biotic Offense/Defense) Edit

Lost and Found: Kallo's soap opera OSDs Edit

Dinner Tonight: Fine Grunnien Roast, Fresh Vegetables Edit

Angaran Word of the Day: Javegara Edit

Scheduled Nomad Maintenance: 0700-0800 Edit

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