Cora's message mentioned a potential breakthrough in the search for the asari ark.

Acquisition Edit

Ryder will receive this mission automatically after completing either Helping Havarl's Scientists or Meet the Resistance.

Walkthrough Edit

Read Email From Cora Edit

Note: Technically, Ryder doesn't need to read the email to talk to Cora, although this step will then be marked as failed.

Asari refugees!
To: Ryder
From: Cora


There's a report of asari refugees on Eos. They made it! Might know about their ark, too. Let's talk when you're free?


Speak With Cora On The Tempest Edit

Go to the Tempest and speak with Cora. Cora reports that an asari officer named Hydaria at Prodromos on Eos could have leads to the asari ark Leusinia. Cora is also excited about the possibility of Sarissa Theris being there.

Take Cora To Speak With Hydaria On Eos Edit

Hydaria says that the asari ark was hunted by kett elite forces aiming to capture the defenseless ark. Sarissa evidently gave an evacuation order. Many on the ark were killed and some managed to escape. The location of the ark is unknown. However, a ship named the Periphona was launched from the ark to help those who escaped. Hydaria suggests that Ryder follow the ship's transponder signal, and gives the transponder codes and flight plan to Ryder. The trail leads to the angaran planet Voeld.

There is a container in the room with Hydaria.

Go To Voeld To Track The Periphona's Signal Edit

When driving eastwards from the Angaran Resistance Base, at certain point a signal from the Periphona is detected by SAM. Continue on to the navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Iconto the east-southeast.

Find The Periphona Edit

Go to the navpoint. There is no trace of the Periphona there. SAM concludes that ice and minerals are reflecting the signal.

Find The Source Of The Periphona's Signal Edit

SAM puts four markers on the map. Some of them lead to other reflected signals. Ryder will have to search until finding the right location. Head directly east of the navpoint Ryder just found. The location will be on the far east side of the map from the navpoint. There will be kett forces at the correct point, so clear them out.

After the battle, there is a Kett Core Encryption Tech that can be scanned for +100 Rd icon heleus orange.

Find The Periphona's Transponder Edit

Once the kett are eliminated, scan the transponder, and then interact with it. There is a recording from the Periphona's captain indicating the ark was attacked by the kett. The flight recorder is in bad shape, but with time, valuable data about the ark's flight path could be discovered.

Ryder receives +1330 XP, +29 AVP AVP icon, and 2% Voeld viability.

ON HOLD: Wait For Cora To Decipher The Transponder Edit

The mission is set as ON HOLD while the restoration work is going on.

The following items will need to be completed for Cora to decipher the transponder to continue the mission:

  • Land at Kadara Port on Kadara.
  • Return at any time to the Tempest and complete the meeting called by Nakmor Drack.
  • Walk close to the email terminal on the Tempest and Ryder will notified about new email.

The Asari Ark
To: Ryder
From: Cora


Had a breakthrough on the location of the asari ark. Please, come talk to me on the Tempest ASAP.


The mission is complete after reading the email.

Aftermath Edit

After the mission is complete, the follow-up mission Cora Harper: At Duty's Edge begins automatically.

Also, after Drack's meeting on the Tempest, two other missions are started: Elaaden: A New World and H-047c: A New World.

Rewards Edit

  • None