Starts automatically when Ryder approaches the Email Terminal on the Tempest after the completion of Hunting the Archon.


Read e-mail from CoraEdit


To: Ryder
From: Cora


I thought about our talk, after the Leusinia. Got some inspiration. Come and chat next time we're both on the ship?


Acknowledge the email to proceed.

Speak to Cora on the TempestEdit

Cora requests a favor from Ryder. If Ryder refuses at this time, she'll ask the same question again the next time Ryder speaks to her.

If Ryder accepts, Cora says that thinking about Sarissa, and how she wasn't made a Pathfinder herself, has given her an idea for a project. She wants Ryder to accompany her to a site on Eos.

Go to Eos with CoraEdit

Go to the nav point and talk to Cora. She has brought a soil converter. Eventually it will turn sand into something useful, and then with some rain and seeds, it will be a garden. Not for a long, long time, perhaps, but like the asari, Cora has learned to think in the long term. Ryder and Cora then seed the garden.


If Ryder flirted with Cora before and hasn't already locked in a romance, it is possible in this mission to lock the romance with her (timer countdown kiss) or to reject her.



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