A krogan contact named Jorgal Strux has asked to meet secretly at the Paradise on Elaaden.


It's the follow-up to Elaaden: A New World and starts automatically when you land on Elaaden.


Go to the Paradise (the settlement nearby). The Landing Site Steward shows you the way, and you find Jorgal Strux. Speaking to him reveals that a krogan namned Morda has become a tyrant and intends to destroy Nexus - among other things. Drack trusts Morda and doesn't believe this. Jorgal tells Ryder to visit the krogan colony and se see himsself/herself.

The mission completes, and the follow-up mission Parlay with the Krogan starts.


270 xp, 29 AVP, +2% Elaaden viability.

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