Concussive Shot (Skill) Edit

Fires a target-seeking high-impact round that knocks down unarmored, unsheilded, normal-sized enemies and detonates combo primers.

Ranks Edit

Cost Rank Description Bonus
1 Concussive Shot Allows to use concussive shot Dmg: 350 Force: 250

Recharge Time: 12s

2 Force Deals additional force +25% Force
3 Damage Deals additional damage +15% Damage
4 Recharge Speed Concussive shot recharges quicker +30% Recharge speed
4 Repeat Concussions Concussive Shot has no recharge time but requires one power cell from a limited power cell supply to activate. The shot also inflicts bonus damage on knocked down or floating enemies Power Cell Capacity: 5

Damage Vs. Knocked Down or Floating Enemies: 100%

5 Radius The shot damages enemies within a radius Radius: 2
5 Damage & Force Deals additional damage and force +25% Damage & force
6 Anti-Armor Deals additional damage vs armored enemies +40% Damage vs. Armor
6 Anti-Shield Deals additional damage vs shields +40% Damage vs. Shields

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