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Command Bodyguard MSV Strontium Mule
Command Bodyguard
Enemy Container-SAH
Race Turian
Type Organic, Tech
Faction Blue Suns
Armament M-300 Claymore
Abilities Tech Armor ME2 Icon Tech Armor
Incendiary Ammo ME2 Icon Incendiary Ammo
Health High
Armor High
Shields High
Locations MSV Strontium Mule

The Command Bodyguard is a special turian Blue Suns mercenary, who helped hijack the MSV Strontium Mule. He is killed during a firefight between Commander Shepard and the squad when they reach the bridge of the freighter.

Capabilities Edit


The Command Bodyguard is equipped with an M-300 Claymore shotgun, which can be deadly at short range. His shotgun is also armed with Incendiary Ammo.


The Command Bodyguard has strong shields and armor, high health, and can use Tech Armor to replenish his shields.

Tactics Edit

  • Keep your distance, and take down other mercenaries before focus firing on him. Or concentrate your fire on him if you don't mind taking a lot of assault rifle fire.

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