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The Collector Sniper Rifle is a sniper rifle in Mass Effect 3.

Description Edit

This weapon's long-range particle beam is capable of sustained fire, allowing it to switch between anti-personnel or anti-materiel roles just by holding down the trigger. This rifle does not accept thermal clips, instead cooling down by venting heat into a liquid-containing sleeve that radiates it through the fin-like protuberances on its barrel.

Acquisition Edit

Player Notes Edit

  • The Collector Sniper Rifle ammo works the same way as the Prothean Particle Rifle in that it works around a cooldown system rather than thermal clips and largely matches it in weight, fire rate and accuracy. What makes it different is its much lower clip size, high-powered scope and no charge-up time for it to do maximum damage.
  • The cooldown time is the same as the Particle Rifle's.
  • It does not benefit from the Sniper Rifle Spare Thermal Clip mod, which opens up room for one of the other mods.
  • As it disintegrates enemies upon killing them, the Collector Sniper Rifle is useful against Reapers as it leaves Cannibals unable to devour their fallen allies.
  • The small starting clip size of 35 and its very high firing speed make it easy to run out of ammo, thereby starting the rather long cooldown animation. To prevent this try to focus on one enemy at a time and stop firing as soon as it's dead to let the magazine replenish. Try also not to fire in salvos, as that delays the recharge.
  • This weapon, like the Particle Rifle, has a maximum range to its beam, which can be a hindrance when firing at longer ranges.
  • As with other self-cooling weapons, the Collector Sniper Rifle's magazine size depends on its level. At Level I it has a magazine size of 35, while at level X it has a magazine size of 45.
  • Like the Particle Rifle, once the Collector Sniper Rifle starts recharging, it will continue to recharge on its own if you switch to a different weapon. This can allow the player to nearly overheat it with continuous fire to soften up a tough enemy, then switch to another weapon to finish the job while it cools down.
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