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The Collector SMG is a submachine gun in Mass Effect 3.

Description Edit

This short weapon is a hybrid of mechanical and organic parts, some more advanced than the Collector assault rifle. It vents heat automatically rather than requiring thermal clips and, when wielded by a Collector, extends a neural link to their skin at the wrist. Its ammunition is effective against armor and low recoil makes it a good weapon for sustained suppression.

Acquisition Edit

Player Notes Edit

  • The Collector SMG uses a cooldown system similar to the Particle Rifle, M-7 Lancer and Collector Sniper Rifle. However, unlike those weapons, the Collector SMG begins its cooldown the instant it stops shooting, albeit at a much slower rate.
    • Activating Adrenaline Rush or Marksman pack does not provide an instant refill but will bypass the venting animation and subsequent delay.
    • Similarly, a thermal clip pack will not automatically refill an overheating Collector SMG. Instead, it will initiate the weapon's cooldown and begin adding shot capacity. For this reason, it is best to wait a few moments after using a thermal clip pack to give the SMG time to refill its capacity. Otherwise, you will likely only get a few shots off before it overheats again, essentially wasting the thermal clip pack.
  • Players may add an SMG Magazine Upgrade to compensate for its small magazine size. However, the SMG Heat Sink mod is ineffective on this weapon.
  • Its low clip size and slow recharge, coupled with high damage, makes the Collector SMG more useful against fewer, stronger enemies than many weaker ones.
  • The Collector SMG regenerates 30% of its maximum clip size per second when not firing.[1] Upgrading it and adding a SMG Magazine Upgrade greatly extends its clip capacity, and therefore increases the number of shots added per second, improving its performance against crowds when burst firing.
  • The Collector SMG receives a 50% damage bonus against armored targets, allowing it to barely surpass the damage reduction armored targets receive on Gold and Platinum difficulties.[2]

References Edit

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