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The "Hour 20" news team has requested a special match. Bring Javik into the Armax Arsenal Arena against Reaper enemies.

Acquisition Edit

After completing the previously requested Reaper match, check the Combat Sim Controls in the Armax Combat Arena to read the following e-mail:

Your Many-Eyed Friend

From: The "Hour 20" News Team

It has come to our attention that somehow you have a living Prothean in your crew. We see this as an opportunity for a media event that could give a shot in the arm to the galaxy's morale. Footage of a Prothean fighting the Reapers would be a great symbol of galactic resistance. The Armax Arena provides a realistic but safe opportunity to make this happen.

If you are interested, bring the Prothean to the arena, and select a Reaper enemy you think he can defeat. We'll do the rest. Attached to this email are the forms he needs to sign allowing his likeness to be used in Council space.

Lara J. Delante
Executive Producer, "Hour 20 With Azad Carter"
Alliance News Network

P.S. If he ever wants an interview, tell him that he can get one when he stops referring to our audience as "stupid primitives."

Walkthrough Edit

Complete a combat simulation against Reapers with Javik along as a squadmate. You are allowed another team member if you wish. The previous request from the "Hour 20" News Team required Reapers, so you have likely already used a prize to redeem them, but if not, they can be found in the silver level prizes. The other settings can be changed as you wish—since most challenges are not mutually exclusive, you could conceivably finish other arena challenges at the same time, e.g. Citadel Arena: Thermal Clip Challenge or Citadel Arena: Charity Reaper Challenge.

After completion of the simulation, check the terminal for the following e-mail:

RE: Your Many-Eyed Friend

From: The "Hour 20" News Team

Commander Shepard,

Your Prothean friend is making waves. More importantly, he's giving people hope. Attached is the finder's fee for getting him on board.

Lara J. Delante
Executive Producer, "Hour 20 With Azad Carter"
Alliance News Network

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